Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is there anything i should know before i buy my first pair of inline skates? know-all sales men intimidate me.

do hard wheels suit a tar road or should i go for soft wheels?

also, is it true that the bigger the wheels the better?

another thing, are inline-skates a one-size-fits-all thing? can a 20 year old, a 17 year old and a 13 year old all use the same pair?

we won%26#039;t get much time to use them so there%26#039;s really no point in getting 3 different pairs.

one final question - is a 70-80 USD budget fine?

Is there anything i should know before i buy my first pair of inline skates? know-all sales men intimidate me.
You won%26#039;t get a choice of wheels when you buy the skates. Most makers put wheels on that are suitable for outdoor use.

You say a %26quot;tar road%26quot;. I hope that it means something different to you than to me. To me, that is a gravel road that has had light tar soaked into the surface and would not be very suitable to skating. I hope that you mean a road that has been made of asphalt, which can be really nice for skating.

Yes, bigger wheels roll smoother and easier. I generally don%26#039;t recommend skates that cannot use 80mm or larger wheels because the smaller wheels are harder to find replacements for and tend to be of lower quality.

More than age is the size of the skate. Best is to have them fit snugly all around the foot (without crushing to toes). Obviously, this doesn%26#039;t work well for multiple sizes. If the skates are more than a size off, the person with the smallest feet may find that the skates flop around on their feet instead of being stable. Obviously, they can%26#039;t skate together if they are sharing skates.

$70-80 is on the lower end of good skates. The ones you find for $50 at Target or Walmart tend to be really low end.

For skates in your end look for the big box sporting goods stores like Dick%26#039;s or Sports Authority. The Rollerblade and K2 brands are the major skate makers in the US. Bladerunner is a lower end brand made by Rollerblade (but they aparently don%26#039;t want their name on them).

Rember to get at least helmets and wrist guards. A bicycle helmet is good. Some of the new ones are adjustable for head size with a knob at the back.

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